This is little snippet from the kml file now the co-ordinates are for some where in UK with Lat- 51.45 and Long - 0.0386 but when I plot this kml file on Google Earth it shows all the points in middle of ocean between Somalia and Seychelles ?

  <description>   <![CDATA[   <b>03-May-16</b>    <hr>    <br>16:35<br>Tuesday<br>A320<br>FW<br>UAV UNSPECIFIED<br>A<br>LHR<br>Unknown<br>700<br>Unknown<br>Unknown<br>Unknown<br>Unknown<br>IFR<br>Unknown<br>]]> </description>


What am I doing wrong I am using VBA to generate KML file ?


I have this Position Co-ordinate: 5133N 00241W I split them to get the Lats and Longs with appending extra zeros at then end if required and get the following values:

Latitude    Longitude
513300N      002410W

Then I convert them from DMS to decimal format using following formula

LatDec = Left(.Range("V" & i).Value, 2) + (Mid(.Range("V" & i).Value, 3, 2) / 60) + (Mid(.Range("V" & i).Value, 5, 2) / 3600)
LongDec = Left(.Range("W" & i).Value, 2) + (Mid(.Range("W" & i).Value, 3, 2) / 60) + (Mid(.Range("W" & i).Value, 5, 2) / 3600)

And they produce the right decimal co-ordinates and everything seems right but I just don't get the right plot on Google Earth.


The <coordinates> are in longitude,latitude order. See https://developers.google.com/kml/documentation/kmlreference#syntax_151.

So you wanted:


This is a pretty common mixup. Much of this stuff is done on a Cartesian plane, so think X-Y coordinates, and it'll make more sense.

  • Should it be <coordinates>0.03.888889,51.45</coordinates> ? – Rohan Jun 19 '16 at 5:28
  • Fixed the coordinate error in the example. Sorry about that. – BradHards Jun 19 '16 at 6:06

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