I am importing multiple shapefiles into a filegdb in ArcGIS 10, and using the following code to define the projection of the feature once imported, to the .prj of the original .shp file.

Here is my code:

for spatial in SpatialRefList:
    del gp
    import arcpy as gp

    print 'FEATURECLASS = ' + str(featureclass)
    print 'PROJECTION = ' + str(prjfile)

        gp.DefineProjection_management(featureclass, prjfile)


However the code is throwing up error 000289 - failed to alter spatial reference.


GDBs are just like a file tree structure. Feature Datasets can only contain feature classes in one spatial reference.
However there is another object called a feature dataset that will allow you to seperate and assign different references per feature dataset.
esri help feature dataset
esri hellp creating feature dataset (code)

  • thanks for the link, you cleared up my confusion as to why each featureclass didn't just act in the same way as a shapefile. I am in fact using feature datasets (one per country) in my file gdb structure - however I was trying to change each featureclass's sp ref individually. Cheers Again I'll amend my code to set each featuredatasets prj! – Alex Oulton Feb 7 '12 at 13:55
  • 3
    @brad-nesom, feature classes within a gdb that are not within a feature dataset can have any spatial reference. Alex was using feature datasets, thus the error message. – mkennedy Feb 7 '12 at 16:28

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