I have a combobox in my plugin (python Qt dockable widget) that needs to contain the currently open rasters.

How do I trigger an update of the plugin when something new gets added to the map?


There's a couple of methods which I use (note that it may not be the most efficient solution):

  • (using Combo Box) - Add the following line before you populate your combo box:


    Then when you add a new layer, close your plugin and open it again, the combo box should be re-populated with the new additions.

  • (using QgsMapLayerComboBox) - This is automatically updated when any changes are made to the layer list (i.e. layers added/removed, names changed etc) without you having to refresh the plugin. I would recommend this method. You can set it so that it only recognises raster layers by using something like:

    self.dockwidget.mapLayerComboBox.setFilters( QgsMapLayerProxyModel.RasterLayer )

Note: When using QGIS custom widgets, you may need to edit your dockwidget_base.ui file, find the QgsMapLayerComboBox class (usually at the end of the file) and replace the <header> to qgis.gui.h.

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    This is great. I didn't even know there were custom QGIS controls. Are there others? I couldn't find a list of them anywhere. – Raychaser Jun 21 '16 at 15:58
  • @Raychaser - Awesome! Hmm only ones I know are those shown in the QT Designer, can't seem to find documentation for a list of them though. – Joseph Jun 22 '16 at 8:29

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