I have a problem here with installing ogr .. I followed this very usefull tutorial for installing ogr on Windows systems: http://sandbox.idre.ucla.edu/sandbox/tutorials/installing-gdal-for-windows It seemed to work, because I can call ogr from commandline afterwards.

C:\Users\root>gdalinfo --version
GDAL 2.1.0, released 2016/04/25

But when I try to use ogr2ogr it says that it can't find the drivers. I'm on this for hours now but can't get it to work. How do I register the drivers? The path is set correctly and I tried like thousands of different installations. All on a clean Virtual Machine which I reset after every failed installation ..

Please help me, I'm desperate :D

Edit: This is the result I get when typing set g:

C:\Users\root>set G
GDAL_DATA=C:\Program Files (x86)\GDAL\gdal-data
GDAL_DRIVER_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\GDAL\gdalplugins

Which exactly matches my installation ..

Edit2: When I'm trying to convert:

C:\Users\root>ogr2ogr -f "GeoJSON" "C:\Users\root\Desktop\Plugin\Shapefiles_Karte\Bundeslaender\Bundeslaender.geojson" "C:\Users\root\Desktop\Plugin\Shapefiles_Karte\Bundeslaender\Bundeslaender.shp" -overwrite
Unable to open datasource `C:\Users\root\Desktop\Plugin\Shapefiles_Karte\Bundeslaender\Bundeslaender.shp' with the following drivers.
  -> netCDF
  -> JP2OpenJPEG
  -> DB2ODBC
  -> ESRI Shapefile
  -> MapInfo File
  -> UK .NTF
  -> S57
  -> DGN
  -> OGR_VRT
  -> REC
  -> Memory
  -> BNA
  -> CSV
  -> NAS
  -> GML
  -> GPX
  -> KML
  -> GeoJSON
  -> Interlis 1
  -> Interlis 2
  -> OGR_GMT
  -> GPKG
  -> SQLite
  -> ODBC
  -> WAsP
  -> PGeo
  -> MSSQLSpatial
  -> PostgreSQL
  -> MySQL
  -> OpenFileGDB
  -> XPlane
  -> DXF
  -> Geoconcept
  -> GeoRSS
  -> GPSTrackMaker
  -> VFK
  -> OSM
  -> GPSBabel
  -> SUA
  -> OpenAir
  -> OGR_PDS
  -> WFS
  -> HTF
  -> AeronavFAA
  -> Geomedia
  -> GFT
  -> SVG
  -> CouchDB
  -> Cloudant
  -> Idrisi
  -> SEGY
  -> ODS
  -> XLSX
  -> ElasticSearch
  -> Walk
  -> CartoDB
  -> SXF
  -> Selafin
  -> JML
  -> CSW
  -> VDV
  -> TIGER
  -> AVCBin
  -> AVCE00
  -> HTTP

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  • Have you set the GDAL environment variables? trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/… to match your installation... not just copy what's on the forms. – Michael Stimson Jun 20 '16 at 22:32
  • I sure did. I'm playing with thos paths for hours now .. GDAL_DATA GDAL_DRIVER_PATH and the PATH of course. It matches the installation and gdal itself seems to be installed correctly .. but when I'm trying to use the drivers it can't find them .. – Leo.1906 Jun 20 '16 at 22:37
  • How are you trying to use them? I see a command line, try typing set G and insert what is returned into your question. – Michael Stimson Jun 20 '16 at 22:43
  • 1
    From what I can see everything is valid, there's no reason (except for corrupt shapefile) that this wont work.. Esri Shapefile and GeoJSON drivers are both available... can you open the shapefile with QGIS and/or OGRINFO? Are all the required files there or is it just the .shp? – Michael Stimson Jun 20 '16 at 23:21
  • 1
    Much of GDAL dev was remunerated, but under the terms agreed released under MIT. It is nonsense to say that it's "because open source". The message is clear, anywho imo, use ogrinfo to check assumptions about source files. – mdsumner Jun 21 '16 at 5:23

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