I'm trying to load an ESRI FileGDB of USDA gSSURGO data into QGIS, but I'm having some trouble. I followed the instructions at KyngChaos.com to compile GDAL 1.11 and add the FileGDB plugin (running QGIS on OS 10.11). So I'm able to go to "Add Vector Layer - Directory - ESRI FileGDB," but when I load the GDB I don't get individual layers. I just get a layer that appears to have an attribute table and no feature types (see image). Not sure what's happening. I've seen a few similar questions that made me think there are just too many fields, perhaps. There are 56. enter image description here

Very new to QGIS and very rusty on my GIS skills.

  • Have tried the OpenFileGdb driver? It will read version 9.x while ESRIfilegdb will not read 9.x versions. – klewis Jun 21 '16 at 19:16
  • @klewis The same thing happens with OpenFileGDB. – kanedan29 Jun 21 '16 at 20:38

The table you opened, Value Added, does not have geospatial features. It is meant to be joined to MUPolygons, on the MUKEY field. In your download Soils folder look for a much larger zip file, probably around 1 gigabyte or larger. This file geodatabase contains the Soils polygon, etc. I have QGIS 2.14.3 32bit and I can view all the data layers using the OpenFilegdb driver.QGIS_gssurgo

  • Thanks! I have been able to load the other GDB with OpenFileGDB. Hadn't thought of joining. Will give that a shot. Oddly enough I'm working with WY data. – kanedan29 Jun 23 '16 at 2:05

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