Windows 10


OSGEO4W install (current)


Processing toolbox.

Grass tools do not work

Neither 6 nor 7. 6 makes sense as I do not see OSGEO4W installing it but 7 tools are not working either.

My Grass folder (7) appears to be C*:\OSGeo4W64\apps\grass\grass-7.0.4*

They are activated (I know they are not in the screenshot). Grass 7 works as a standalone.

screen capture

Error message:

Missing dependency. This algorithm cannot be run :-( The specified GRASS GIS 7 folder does not contain a valid set of GRASS GIS 7 modules. Please, go to the Processing settings dialog, and check that the GRASS GIS 7 folder is correctly configured

What exactly should go in these four yellow boxes?

Now when I try to manually enter my path to grass 7 I get a new error message (below). No msys folder exists in the latest version of OSGEO4W 64-bit so I cannot set this.

msys error.

This solution (QGIS 2.14 standalone GRASS provider missing Msys folder, can't execute tools) appears to point to a spam link now and not mysys.


Have you used the Advanced Install option in OSGeo4W to make sure msys and GRASS 7 are both installed?

I usually run the express install first, then go back into Setup, tick over to Advanced Install, and grab any extra bits and pieces I like to use.

My GRASS 7 path is C:\OSGeo4W64\apps\grass\grass-7.0.4

GRASS 7 commands work for me but not GRASS commands - doesn't matter to me though.


I moved an old MYSYS folder and contents from an earlier QGIS install. 7 works now. I think for 6 to work Id have to install it and point to it.

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