I need a sample map package that works with ArcGIS runtime 10.4.

I'm trying to develop a WPF/XAML application using the ArcGIS runtime SDK for .NET, but I've not been able to get very far because I don't have a map package to load into it.

At this point, I don't much care what map in particular, I simply need a map.

Our customer has sent us a .mxd with associated .gsd files, but when I try to create a map package out of it I get numerous errors: "00174 Label expression uses VBScript, this is not support in the ArcGIS Runtime", etc.

I'd thought I'd be able to create a map in ArcGIS online to create a map package that would work with ArcGIS runtime, but when I open the map in ArcGIS desktop and try to create a map package, I get a different error: "00142 Layer's data source cannot be referenced in the ArcGIS Runtime".

Can anyone point me to a map package that will work with ArcGIS runtime 10.4? All I need is some street data, it doesn't really matter where.

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Map Packages don't work with Runtime SDK's. The Runtime SDK's at quartz support Mobile Map Packages created with ArcGIS Pro. You can import your *.mxd file into ArcGIS Pro and create a mobile map package, but you will need to use ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET Quartz.

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