I have a lines shapefile. I made a small code to select some of its elements and turn them into a standalone layer. The code is like this:

arcpy.env.workspace = r"C:\MyDirectory\Mygdb.gdb"
network = r"Linesshapefile"
arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management(network,'Winners_lyr', "OBJECTID_12" in Winners)

The last line is because, according to the documentation, the layer is not saved but only locally created, since I want to be able to access it also after the code.

Winners is an list containing integer numbers, like this:

Winners = [1, 4, 59, 330]

ObjectID_12is the code that univocally identifies my elements ( I think it received the appendix _12 because this code is the result of several geoprecessing actions, including intersections)

when I run my code, anyway, I get this error:

 File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.4\ArcPy\arcpy\management.py", line 6477, in MakeFeatureLayer
raise e
arcgisscripting.ExecuteError: ERROR 000358: Invalid expression 0
Failed to execute (MakeFeatureLayer).

I guess the issue is the SQL condition I wrote, but I am not sure how to fix it since the MakeFeatureLayer_management is not very generous of information concerning how to use this function. How can I solve the problem?


Since Winners is a list of integers, and MakeFeatureLayer is expecting a SQL string in a particular format, you need to convert. Here's a simple way:

>>> Winners = [1, 4, 59, 330]
>>> sql = "OBJECTID_12 IN ({})".format(",".join(map(str, Winners)))
>>> print(sql)
'OBJECTID_12 IN (1,4,59,330)'

Since your values are integers, you need to cast to strings before joining with a comma.

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