I have set up two relationship classes with a pipe (storm_pipe) and its structures (storm_struc). Each pipe has a from_struc_id and a to_struc_id, both of which point to a id in the storm_struc layer.

I'm wondering how to set up ArcMap editing so that if I move a storm_pipe endpoint, the related endpoint moves with it. Also the same in reverse, if I move a storm_struc, the related pipe endpoint would also move.

A couple of notes, I don't have access to the network analyst extension so I don't believe I can utilize geometric networks. I only have access to a Standard ArcGIS Desktop license.


A Geometric Network will do what you want.

Geometric Networks do not require the Network Analyst extension

Is the Network Analyst extension required to build a geometric network?

No, the Network Analyst extension is not required to build and edit a geometric network.

Geometric Networks are available to create/edit with both Standard and Advanced licenses, and viewable using a Basic License.


Although geometric networks can be both created and edited in ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced and Standard, they are read-only in Basic

(from Managing a geometric network)

Additional to moving a point when moving a connect pipe, it will also move the end of the next connected pipes as well, keeping all connectivity. These moves are pivoted at vertices.

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