Leaflet custom controls might be interactive, when the user can use the mouse on them to perform an action, or non-interactive, when they are used only to show information. This should affect the mouse pointer used for elements of the control (and possibly sub-elements of it for partly interactive controls).

What is the correct way to set those pointers for the control container and its sub-elements, if any (e.g. well defined css classes or else)?

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Building on the answer by IvanSanchez, you can add a class to a layer:

var layer = L.featureGroup([]);
layer.style({'className': 'mask'})

then in CSS

path.leaflet-interactive.mask {cursor: crosshair}

This is done in the Leaflet code by using the cursor CSS property, see https://github.com/Leaflet/Leaflet/blob/9c8590aebc9be74d0a2b71cf9c5e8a996d83b33a/dist/leaflet.css#L193


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