I am using ArcGIS Engine 10.1 and Visual Studio 2010

I created a MapControl App, (New Project>Visual C#> ArcGIS>Extending ArcObjects > MapControl Application)

and added a toolbar (In MainForm and right-click on ToolbarControl > Properties > Open Items Tab > Add > Add some commands to toolbar).

The Problem is items won't fit in a single toolbar and I can't manage to create a multi-row toolbar. In addition Items wont scroll at run time.

So is there any solution to make an ArcGIS Engine multi-row toolbar?

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You are right: You need a second ToolbarControl. It cannot be multirow by itself. If you can't add another one in the UI-Designer you need to do it in code. I'm not familiar with WinForms, but there should be a way to change the view from Designer to code for the MainForm.

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