I want to make a Web GIS application. I need to add the following:

  • Admin/limited user access
  • I have a list of marks for the map and I should be able to filter this marks by attributes
  • app should make simple spider graph from some attributes and show them when mouseover or click on a mark
  • User should be able to create a new mark by clicking on map or by coordinates and capture attributes by a query or similar.

Which is the best option to do this? I don't need it to be compatible with mobiles.

The critical part of the project should be the spider graphics and the the creation of new marks.

I'm sorry if it wasn't clear enough, since I don't know the full capabilities of some gIS APIs, I don't know how to clearly explain all of my points.

  • I think you should try to focus your question down to what you have tried/researched w.r.t. "spider graphics and the the creation of new marks", expand upon that, and avoid asking about all the other requirements, which is what makes this too broad,
    – PolyGeo
    Jun 27 '16 at 22:49

Sounds very ambitious in the large extend of the different fields of software needed.

  • You might look into permissions of users and Groups in order to solve the access as you want it. But if you could be more explanatory about how you think about the setup it would be a good starting platform.

  • You can make a string that queries the attributes.

  • This might be some json-script you can look into. Depends on which kind of webserver you tend to use.

  • There are some webmaps that has "Working Geometry" added to the toolbox. This is furthermore covered by the term "spatial Query"

It is a large project you tend to begin working with. You can use a platform and set up the rest from there.

  • Thank you for your answer! Im making this with some other people, im investigating for some options. About the login feature, i want the admin to see all the info in the app (marks, coordinates, etc) and "guests" can only search marks. Wich platform do you recommend to start this?
    – Torram
    Jun 25 '16 at 21:17
  • Not based on the admin/user feature of the webgis, which i don't have any experience with so far unfortunately, I will recommend you look here: link Please make a blog about your methods and Developments. It could be interesting to follow your project.
    – MichaelR
    Jun 25 '16 at 21:24
  • Thank you, i will comment all this with my friends and will document all, ill post my results.
    – Torram
    Jun 25 '16 at 21:29
  • Allright :) I will look forward to it. Please check my post as an answer if you are satisfied with it.
    – MichaelR
    Jun 25 '16 at 21:35

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