I have a raster catalog that contains hundreds of rasters (10 x 10). I need to perform Cell Statistics SUM on all the raster. End user able to specify under what cell size the want to perform the operation (ex: 50 x 50).

I want to find out if the following two scenario is actually the same?

1st: Set the CELLSIZE Environment variable of Cell Statistics tool to 50 x 50 and perform cell statistics SUM.

2nd: For each of the raster, run Resample (type: NEAREST) tool to resize to 50 x 50 and run cell statistics SUM on all the rasters.

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Final result generated will be a bit different but performance on 2nd will definitely be slower than 1st.

  • what would be the difference between both?
    – adamczi
    May 12, 2017 at 13:08

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