I have a text field within a FGBD that contains a date/time and I need only the time as a string.

'yyyymmdd HH:mm:ss'

And I need:


I've tried .rsplit but I'm not using it correctly. I thought this would split where the space is located (between the date and time):


But this returns the whole string

arcpy.CalculateField_management(fc, "time", "!DATE!.split(' ')[1]", "PYTHON")

This uses Python to split the string at the space (which returns a list containing the date as a string and the time as a string), and populates the field with the second item in the list, which is the time.


You are close, but the (r)split will create a list. Therefore you need to get the element from the list (-1 for the last one)


You can try this code instead: arcpy.Calculatefield_management(fc,"time",!DATE![9:len(!DATE!)])

Len gets the length of the string the square brackets are saying, "Return the 9th character of the string (in date) to the last character of the string"

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