I've tried a number of ways, labeling, unique values, etc. I know I'm right there but can't get it, it will just display features by the "NAME" field. Also if I try to use symbolize by quantities, only fields I get are numerical I'm guessing, but cannot be aggregated to a total there. I cannot find the Field Calculator either, which I thought I could maybe add a field and have a "SUM" field added and then label it that way.

End Goal:

I have point features in various states, and the application needs to display the number of those features within each state.

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This can easily be done by using a spatial join. Here are some step by step instructions:



The easiest way to achieve this is to use the Spatial Join geoprocessing tool.

After running the tool, a new field Join_Count will be calculated in the states feature class with the number of features that fell within each state.

Target features: states; join features: points.

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