How to change attributes value when i move(change position) point? I don't found some information about this. Sorry for my english.


I solved this problem as follows: I added new another field attributes, for example, orig_coord = concat($x,' ',$y) and in color rule i added this if("orig_coord" = concat($x,' ',$y),color_rgb(0,0,0),color_rgb(0,255,50)) So I see the color of some of the objects changed their position in the process of moving. Again sorry for my english.

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If you are just using the "Move Feature" option in QGIS, there is no way to have it automatically update have it update an attribute. If you're moving it using some kind of geoprocessing or plugin, then it depends on which tool you're using to do that.

  • There are ways, see for instance the AutoFields plugin. – Germán Carrillo Aug 23 '16 at 22:27

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