I am displaying the attribute data in the popup on clicking on the map using openlayers,geoext. But i want to hide some fields(fid,.....) from the table in the popup. How to do this. Below is my code

var control = new OpenLayers.Control.WMSGetFeatureInfo({ url: "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/cite/wms", "LAYERS": 'xxxxxx', srs:'EPSG:3857' });

            getfeatureinfo: function(event) {
                //close existing popup
                if (popup) {
                popup = new GeoExt.Popup({
                    title: "Feature Info",
                    map: mapPanel.map,
                    lonlat: mapPanel.map.getLonLatFromViewPortPx(event.xy),
                    width: 250,
                    autoScroll: true,
                    collapsible: true,
                    bodyStyle: {padding: 5},
                    html: event.text



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If you have control over the geoserver and you use the html format, you could modify the template server side. Otherwise I can think of retrieving the FeatureInfo as GML2 or text and modify if client-side. But I don't know how this might be implemented in openlayers.

  • please tell me how to modify the template server side.
    – user46218
    Commented Jul 4, 2016 at 6:40
  • Have you read the link in my answer? Have a look at custom templates.
    – ulrich
    Commented Jul 4, 2016 at 6:51

For the specific case of GeoServer you can also add the propertyName vendor option to the request and enumerate the attributes you want to include in the response:


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