I have two sets of data that I need to combine. One is a GIS set of points corresponding to the centroids of buildings, the other is a CDV table that has data about what these buildings are used for. I'd like to colour the buildings appropriately depending on this use variable.

This means both adding the bldg_use variable to the attribute table for the centroids, as well as making sure the right use gets assigned to the right building. We use 11-digit codes to name buildings, and this is present in both datasets.

What might I write to automatically check name matches?

  • I'm guessing you meant CSV table? You can right-click your layer points or polygons then access Properties > Joins, click the green + sign and select your csv layer as the Join layer and match the Join field and Target field with your bldg_use variable. Your points or polygons layer should now contain the data from the csv. – Joseph Jul 7 '16 at 10:40

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