How to get the GPS coordinates (longitude, latitude) of the clicked/tapped point in ArcGIS Esri map?

I tried MapViewTapped event like:

private void myMapView_MapViewTapped(object sender, MapViewInputEventAtgs e)
  var x = e.Position.X; //e.Location.X;
  var y = e.Position.Y; //e.Location.Y;

Both gives large unexpected values.


In a web map you would be getting back web Mercator coordinates (Meters) not geographic Lat/Longs.

In ArcGIS Desktop you would be getting back the projection of the data frame. I would change the map projection to 4326 (WGS-84) and then try it, it should the return Lat/Long decimal degrees. If this works then your issue is solved by using some coordinate conversion in your code.

  • Hi @Bill Chappell, I'm bit confused. Any idea how to change those map projection to 4326 (WGS-84) – Kishor Bikram Oli Jul 11 '16 at 6:12
  • 1
    If your in Web Mercator going to WGS-84 this might help.gal-systems.com/2011/07/convert-coordinates-between-web.html if your in desktop and the data has coordinate information(Projection) then you can set the data frame to 4326 and the data should re-project on the fly. – Bill Chappell Jul 12 '16 at 13:11

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