I am a new ArcMap user.

I have the ArcMap Base Map, some county parcel data layers and found two important addresses from the data using the 'Address Inspector' as shown in the pictures and placed a point.

Is there a way to turn these points into its own separate layer? In the layer pallet, all I have is the Base Map, and Parcel Data layers.

enter image description here


I haven't tried this with graphics created from the Address Inspector. In fact, I haven't tried this ever. But what you're trying to do is create features from graphics. Fortunately, this is possible when you're viewing graphics in the Data View and not Layout View.enter image description here

If you right click on the data frame in the table of contents (by default, this is called "Layers" and select "Convert Graphics to Features".

enter image description here

Follow the prompts in the dialog. You can save to a shapefile or geodatabase and add that to your table of contents.

enter image description here

Note, this tool is also available on the Drawing toolbar. enter image description here

The resulting feature class will have a "Name" field which should contain your addresses.

  • This worked perfect and even worked with addresses. Thanks! – Joshua Canter Jul 12 '16 at 14:55

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