I have a bunch of models (about 20) in my custom toolbox. I need to run them one after another and look for some errors which they make in table. I could put all these models into one but it is not allowed for my tasks. Nevertheless, I want to ease this work just by making a tool which sets a certain path to my geodatatbase in all models I need to run.

All my models have input parameter of workspace which is GDB base with "Model Parameter" label. After I set this parameter by showing the path to gdb file, I run the model. When process is done I open another model and have to set this path again. After the my current geodatabase is scanned for errors, I bring another base, which also has to be checked with that models. I haven't found yet a tool in System toolbox for automatic setting of input parameters in models.

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It sounds like you are saying that using submodels is not permitted within your environment. That seems restrictive, but assuming that it is a mandatory requirement what I would do is:

  1. Create a table with one text field and one row and edit it to hold the path to your data.
  2. At the start of your models use a Get Field Value tool to read that value into a variable whose name you can then put between percentage signs in the remainder of your model.

The Get Field Value tool gets the value of the first row of a table for the specified field.

enter image description here

If you want to use a different path all you need to do is Start Editing that table and type over the old path with a new one. Nothing will need to change in your models.


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