I'm using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript to create an interactive map in a web page. When I try to add a layer with an specific id, doesn't recognize the layer and I receive this error:

enter image description here

The code to add the layer is:

          "esri/views/MapView", // SceneView
        ], function(Map, MapView, Layer) {
          var map = new Map({
            basemap: "gray" // streets, topo, satellite, gray

          var view = new MapView({
            container: "viewDiv",  // Reference to the DOM node that will contain the view
            map: map,               // References the map object created in step 3
            zoom: 4,  // Sets the zoom level based on level of detail (LOD)
            center: [-58, -15]  // Sets the center point of view in lon/lat

          // Add a layer in the map
            portalItem: { // autocast as esri/portal/PortalItem
                id: "405b97de934143aebe4784e833258a0f"

          // Adds the layer to the map once it loads
          function addLayer(lyr) {
            alert("Layer added");

          function rejection(err) {
            alert("Layer failed to load: " + err);

The layer is in the arcgis portal (layer) with the extension .lyr.

  • We can't see the layer since it is in Portal. Maybe you need to be signed in for the web map to work? – timlohnes Jul 14 '16 at 16:11
  • How can I put the layer in the Portal? – Thiago Souza Jul 18 '16 at 11:17

It seems you are using the class Layer and not an object of the class. Take a look at the line:

function(Map, MapView, Layer) {

This is telling that you will use 3 classes: Map, MapView and Layer.

You already created 2 objects for Map and MapView:

var map = new Map({

var view = new MapView({

But you haven't created any object for Layer. Something like:

var lyr = new Layer({

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