I had one point shapefile to which I joined new numerical attributes by a csv text file.

I saved it by right clicking and everything works fine, I use it for calculations etc.

But when I use the "Statist" plugin, the new fields are not visible. The fields are visible in the properties tab of the shapefile and they are noted as qlonglong type (Typename: Integer64, Lenght: 10, Precision: 0).

Any idea why this might happen?

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    what version of the plugin are you using? (You can find this out using Plugin Manager). Have you tried upgrading the plugin to the latest version? – Steven Kay Jul 14 '16 at 22:55

It would seem that the Statist plugin does not recognise the qlonglong type fields but does recognise integer fields.

So you could create a new field using the Field Calculator and copy over the values using the name of the qlonglong field as the expression.

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