I have 3 fields in a table that i need to evaluate and return a new value based on the results using the field calculator (PYTHON)

They are: SETSPAID (long) This field must = 0 TYPEOFSERVICE (string) This field must = 1 or 3 STATUS (double) This field can not be 5 or 6

Here is what I have so far:

Pre-logic Script Code:

def calc(f1,f2,f3,f4,f5,f6,f7,f8):

  if f4 == f5 and (f1 == f2 or f1 == f3) and (f6 != f7 or f6 != f8):
    return 1
    return f4


calc(!TYPEOFSERVICE!, '1', '3', !SETSPAID!, 0, !STATUS!, 5, 6)

When I run this code, it still assigns a 1 when status is 6. Not sure what im doing wrong.

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In your if line you need to change your or to an and in the last part.

if f4 == f5 and (f1 == f2 or f1 == f3) and (f6 != f7 and f6 != f8):

This is because with f6 != f7 (6 != 5) it returns 1, even though f6 != f8 fails (6 = 6) in the second part. With the OR there it returns true if one of them is true. With an AND it would return true only if both are true.


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