Is there a work-around for building an intranet GIS app with ESRI JS web app builder (without sharing data to the public)? Does it mean that I have to create a web map in ArcGIS com or is there an alternative?



I think the answer to "Q3" on the blog post Clarifying 3 questions about Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS probably best answers your question.

Just an added note that you can certainly author a Web Map that does not share data to the public, and then use Web AppBuilder to build an app based on that web map. Either:

  • create a web map that contains a Hosted Web Layer that is not shared to the public, or
  • create a web map where you "add layers from the web" referencing internally hosted ArcGIS Server Services. A reference to the data (the url) is stored in the webmap, but your data is still protected behind your network firewall.
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