I am trying to draw a shape (airplane) from external geojson file. Said shape uses data from 2 object structures inside the geojson file. I can load both shapes separately, but I can't append/join them together.

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You have to merge your polygons before displaying them. The accepted answer in this question explains how to achieve that in detail.

  • that's an OL2 solution not an OL3, Is it working for OL3 too ? Jul 18, 2016 at 16:14

for OL3 it's a bit complicated since you'll have to read both features from both sources and do an union to them then you load them to a vector layer,

the union itself is made with turf you can download it from here:

 var feature1,feature2;
 var union=turf.union(feature1,feature2);

 var formatGeoJSON= new ol.format.GeoJSON();
 var yourResult=formatGeoJSON.readFeature(union);

Now you can load it in a vector layer to your map

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