I want to change the extent and operational layers of a map for several printTasks. The goal is to take a group of polygons, and create a map of each one separately, changing the basemap and some operational layers on each map. The resulting maps will end up in a report. What is the best approach to do this? A couple thoughts I had:

  1. Change the map object to the desired operational layers and extent before printing, then revert the map object back to the original state after printing. (seems like a lot of extra steps this way)

  2. Use a modified Web_Map_as_JSON parameter for each map. I could have this is a pre-configured string that would be easily modified. If this is a reasonable solution, is it possible to add Web_Map_as_JSON` as a parameter to the printtask like this:

        //pre-configured JSON map string
        var web_map_as_json = this.web_map_as_json
        //modify JSON here (extent of each polygon, etc..)
        var params = {
            Web_Map_as_JSON: web_map_as_json,
            Format: 'png32',
            Layout_Template: 'MAP_ONLY'
        printTask.execute(params, lang.hitch(this, 'onParcelPrintComplete'), lang.hitch(this, 'onParcelPrintError'));

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This worked for my needs:

      var printMapDiv = domConstruct.create('div', {id: 'printMapDiv', style: 'display: none'});

      var printMap = new Map(printMapDiv, {
            //map params

      //execute print task

      //destroy the dom when you are done with the print

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