In my plugin I want to set up a 'halo'-effect like this: enter image description here

So far I tried this:

setting up the paint effect:

    QgsPaintEffect * p_mPaintEffect(0);
    p_mPaintEffect= new QgsOuterGlowEffect();


assign it with the symbollayer:


After opening the layer properties dialog there is only one painteffect not like in the image above a list of 5. But I don't know how to set more effects. Where can I get the list? In API is only documented to set one effect.


Sorry for answering my own question. After browsing the API I found the solution is to cast the QgsPaintEffect to QgsEffectStack and edit the existing effects, maybe someone can benefit from this code:

    QgsPaintEffect* oldEffect=p_Symbol->symbolLayer(0)->paintEffect();
    QgsEffectStack* stackEffect=(static_cast<QgsEffectStack*>(oldEffect));

    for(int j=0; j< stackEffect->count();j++)
        if (stackEffect->effect(j)->type()=="outerGlow" )
            stackEffect->changeEffect (j,effect);
        else if (stackEffect->effect(j)->type()=="drawSource" )

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