I have downloaded a file from ftp://n5eil01u.ecs.nsidc.org/SAN/MOSA/MYD10A1.006/2002.07.04/MYD10A1.A2002185.h24v05.006.2016152140234.hdf but this file contains multiple layers, so I want to split this file into multiple files with each output file containing each layer.

How can I do that in ArcGIS?

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    Please edit your question so that "shape file" is not used as a generic term for data source (a shapefile is only one specific format) – Vince Jul 21 '16 at 11:28

One can either use the Extract Subdataset tool in ArcGIS or I did the same for a bunch of rasters that I downloaded using the python script below: (Note, I renamed the rasters based on what I needed, which could be avoided)

import arcpy,os,re
arcpy.env.workspace = "F:\\MODIS Data\\"
out_dir = "F:\\MODIS Data\\EVIData\\"

 rasters = arcpy.ListRasters("*")
 count = 1
 for raster in rasters:
    output = str(raster)
    s1 = raster.split('.')[2]
    s1 =s1[1:]
    name = out_dir + raster.split('.')[1] + s1
    print name

###Extract the subdataset that you accordingly need to use, here I chose EVI and hence the number is 1

arcpy.ExtractSubDataset_management(raster, name, "1")
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