I want to calculate an approximate location based on these inputs:

  • 3 locations identified by latitude and longitude anywhere on a planet
  • 3 angles, indicating the approximate direction from each of the 3 locations. For example, 0 degrees would be north, 90 degrees would be east, and so on.

The 3 angles will have some margin of error, so the 3 lines are unlikely to intersect exactly, and are likely to form a triangle, from which we can calculate some estimated area of interest. For example, we might calculate the center of the triangle, then draw a circle from that center that has the same areas as the triangle.

I would like to implement this in a computer program, where I can input the 3 locations, the 3 angles, and have it output a single location and radius.


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You want to find the three intersection points of three pairs of great circles given a point and a bearing. Formulae for great circle intersections are given here:


There's a javascript widget there for testing, and code which you will have to convert to your unstated programming language of choice.

There's a python implementation here:


but hopefully now you know what to look for (great circle intersection) you can find one in the programming language you want to use.

  • This is perfect. It is covered in the moveable-type.co.uk link under the section "Intersection of two paths given start points and bearings". Commented Aug 8, 2016 at 19:43

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