In my plugin I do some labelling a vector layer with QgsPalLayerSettings. This works fine for me with QgsMapRenderer::setLabelingEngine.

But now I also want to implement the rulebased labelling. In API I found the class QgsRuleBasedLabeling::Rule which I thought works similar to setting up a QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::RuleList.

But I can't find the point where the QgsRuleBasedLabeling::Rule has to be set. Ther is no member in QgsMapRenderer. Does anybody has a hint?


It's not possible yet - the relevant methods and classes aren't exposed to the python API. This will be addressed when 3.0 is released.

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    Oh... But my plugin is in c++, so there should be a possibility. – Ms. Smith Jul 23 '16 at 14:08

After browsing the QGIS source code found in qgsrulebasedlabelingwidget.cpp the solution:

// also clear old-style labeling config
mLayer->removeCustomProperty( "labeling" );

mLayer->setLabeling( new QgsRuleBasedLabeling( mRootRule->clone() ) );

Before i adapted this code I set up my rootRule like this:

rootRule = new QgsRuleBasedLabeling::Rule( nullptr );

and added the rules in that way:

rootRule->appendChild(new QgsRuleBasedLabeling::Rule(set,minScale,maxScale,sWhere, nam));

Before I filled the QgsPalLayerSettings* set= &palLyr;

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