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I have exported osm data using osm2pgrouting in the database, it has SRID 4326. I want to change projection of all the tables created to a particular SRID in UTM. I read the post FIrst and Second, but these are only changing SRID withour transforming the coordinates. I am using the command

select UpdateGeometrySRID('Schema Name', 'mytable', 'the_geom', newSRID) ;

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The function used in UpdateGeometrySRID is st_setsrid instead of st_transform.

st_setsrid just sets the srid value without changing the coordinates. Since there is no function for looping tables to transform projection in PostGIS according to updateGeometrySRID function. I suggest you to write a script in python to execute it:
Firstly execute to get the table names: SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema='Schema Name' And then, for each table_name, you can execute: ALTER TABLE mytable ALTER COLUMN geom TYPE geometry USING ST_Transform(geom,newsrid);

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