I've got a polygon feature class with Z values enabled. The polygon entities represent billboards. I'm looking for a way to measure the front surface area of this entities - i.e the area of the billboards from one side.

Can I do this using a Geoprocessing tool?

Some snapshots

enter image description here

Polygon in ArcMap

enter image description here

Polygon in ArcScene


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First, copy and paste the defs in the accepted answer of the post that you mentioned to the python interpreter of ArcMap. And then run a cursor on the shapes to calculate the 3D area, such as:

for row in arcpy.SearchCursor("Billboard Layer on My Table of Content"):
    area_array=[[j.X,j.Y,j.Z] for i in row.Shape.getPart() for j in i]
    print row.OBJECTID, area(area_array)

This routine just prints the ID and the area of the feature but it can be used to record areas into a new field as well by UpdateCursor. Intentionally, I have exemplified the old cursor approach, otherwise there are much more efficient utilities in arcpy's data access module (i.e., arcpy.da)


If you have 3D Analyst, this works - for individual polygons:

  1. Create a TIN using your polygon
  2. Use Add Surface Information with your polygon as input feature class and the corresponding TIN as input surface. Check "SURFACE_AREA" as output property.

The 3D area is then added in a new field to your polygon feature class' attribute table.

You can automate this with Python or ModelBuilder if you have a large number of polygons or need to repeat the process.


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