I have QGIS (2.14.3) and GRASS (7.0.4) desktop installed on Windows 7 and have successfully installed the "GRASS" plugin in QGIS (using plugin manager). However, some of the GRASS dependencies, such as i.vi or vegetation indexmodules, are not showing up in the QGIS Mapset section.

Next, I opened up the GRASS and noticed that the above dependency is actually available in GRASS under imagery > satellite image products > i.vi menu.

Is this an installation problem? Should I modify the plugin path in Windows?


If you update to QGIS 2.16, you will have i.vi in the processing toolbox.

Grass 7 algorithms have been expanded from 169 to 314, so I think it is worth the update.


If you have SAGA installed under QGIS platform, then you can use vegetation index tool located under SAGA -> Imagery -Tools -> Vegetation index (slope based).

If you don't have SAGA installed, then you can install it following instructions in this answer for a question on how to Split multiple polylines by distance in ArcGIS, and you will find rich of useful tools under SAGA .

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