I want to download the full MODIS archive for the LAI product using the MODIStools R package.

I am running the command lines below but the output file only contains data from 2014 onwards. Any idea why I do not get the full time series (2000-2015)?

lat <- c(23.6947, 37.0894)
long <- c(60.8786,  79.3074)
period <- data.frame(lat=lat,long=long, start.date=2000,end.date=2014,id=1)
MODISSubsets(LoadDat = period, Products = "MOD15A2",
             Bands = c("Lai_1km", "Fpar_1km", "FparLai_QC"),
             Size = c(0,0))

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You could adapt the following code that uses MODIS package to download monthly NDVI for two months in 2013. You need a different "product" and SDSstring.

    job        = 'NDVI',
    product    = 'MOD13A3', 
    SDSstring  = "1",         
    collection = '005', 
    extent     = 'Italy', 
    begin      = "2013.01.01", 
    end        = "2013.02.28",
    mosaic     = TRUE,
    outDirPath = '.'      # so that we don't have to look for the PROCESSED folder.

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