I have a table (inside a File Geodatabase) that looks like this:

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I need the values of Owner attribute to be automatically filled with the previous non-Null value. As Such:

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Is there a Python script, usable in Field Calculator, that can achieve this?

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You can do this directly within the CalculateField tool; use the following code block:

prevval = None

def calcowner(ownerval):
    global prevval
    val = prevval if ownerval is None else ownerval
    prevval = val
    return val

And the expression:


Note that this probably won't work in ArcGIS 10.0 due to a bug that was fixed in 10.1, but 10.1+ should be good:

NIM059424 - Null values in the feature class do not get replaced when using Python in the Field Calculator.


This can be done with a custom python parser function like:

Here we evaluate if value is NULL or not, if not write value to text file, if NULL pull value from text file:

def update(val):
  if val:
    f = open('C:/Temp/temp.txt','w')
    return val
     f = open('C:/Temp/temp.txt','r')
     for v in f:
         return v

And add the function call in the text box below the pre logic one:


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