Suppose I have a large GeoJSON file loaded into Mapshaper. I want to convert a property to use as an ID field on export, but I don't know what the property naming schema is. The file is too large to conveniently check in a text editor.

Is there a way within Mapshaper to view available properties? I've tried using -inspect, but you have to select one record by a property - which is hard when you don't know what the identifying property's name is! I can't find anything relevant searcing for properties in the command reference.

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Run -info in the MapShaper console using the Console button in the top right of the screen. It gives data including the properties for the first row.

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It describes these as "attributes" in the docs, which is why searches on the term "properties" in the docs don't help. Here's the description from the docs:


Print information about a dataset. Useful for seeing the fields in a layer's attribute data table. Also useful for summarizing the result of a series of commands.

# Example: Get information about an unknown GeoJSON or TopoJSON dataset
mapshaper mystery_file.json -info

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