I have an instance of Geoserver 2.8.2 running and a PostGIS database. I am attempting to create a FeatureType based on an SQL view of the following table (viewed through psql \d):

                 Table "public.rapid_feature"
       Column       |          Type           | Modifiers
 uid                | text                    | not null
 geom               | geometry(Geometry,4326) |
 bbox               | geometry(Polygon,4326)  |
 properties         | jsonb                   | not null
 create_timestamp   | time without time zone  |
 hash               | text                    |
 modified_timestamp | time without time zone  |
 layer_id           | text                    |

However, when I create an FeatureType based on an SQL View of this table, the properties attribute disappears:

enter image description here

Not sure what I need to do to make the properties column appear as an attribute in Geoserver.

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    You need to do a feature request. GeoServer does not support jsonb datatype. There are other not supported data types like HSTORE. As a workaround you could convert your field into TEXT.
    – user30184
    Jul 27, 2016 at 18:05
  • @user30184 Thanks for the info. Originally, I had the field as a JSON string, but I wasn't able to query with a CQL filter based on that string the way I wanted.
    – Ben
    Jul 27, 2016 at 18:21

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As @user30184 says to get a JSONB column to appear in GeoServer would involve adding the ability to read and understand them to the GeoTools postgis datastore. The code for which is on github.

As a quicker fix you could break that column out into it's component parts and store them as normal columns that GeoServer can recognise and that you could use CQL filters against.

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