Is it possible to use stamen toner-lines tiles as a base map in ArcMap? If so, how are they added as a base map?

Several Stamen maps are available through ArcGIS Online, though not the toner-lines tiles.

ArcBruTile can make external tiles usable as a base map in ArcMap, though the toner-lines tiles aren't one of the "supported maps".

In 2013, Kenneth Field wrote a blog post about using external tilesets in ArcGIS online maps, though the interface for uploading datasets has changed and some of the interfaces/options are no longer presented when following the steps.


In ArcBruTile you can add Stamen Toner Lines with option ArcBruTile -> Add TMS Service... -> Add Provider -> Stamen. Then you can select the service Stamen Toner Lines

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