I have a set of coordinates obtained from GPS signals in decimal degrees. These are apparently captured in WGS84 datum. I want to convert these into X and Y. below is a subset.

lon         lat
33.9500167  35.14637
33.94996    35.1463433
33.94999    35.14632
33.9500633  35.1462667
33.9500633  35.1463
33.9500467  35.1462467
33.95004    35.1463333
33.9499167  35.1463533
33.94975    35.1464233
33.94981    35.1464533
33.9500433  35.1463167

I want to do this probably in R as I do have signals from a few different receivers ending up with thousands of points. I need to get this X,Y values as I want to use it elsewhere in R that does not accept lon/lat cords.


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Assuming your coordinates are offshore to Cyprus, UTM 36N EPSG:32636 is a good destination coordinate system. Otherwise, you might have swapped longitude and latitude, or missed negative signs for South and West coordinates.

Transform coordinates from NOAA and Transforming coordinates from WGS84 to Gauss-Krüger 5 describe how to transform coordinates in R using proj4::ptransform or rgdal::spTransform.

See also https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30429384/how-to-transform-longitude-latitude-degree-to-utm-r-rgdal-sp

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