I have web map, created in the combination of: ExtJS 5, Openlayers 2, Geoext 2, and Geoserver.

My layers are in postgis linked to geoserver.

My scenario are 1 base map, an 10 normal layers. Actually i have a tree panel and i can view correct all the layers in the viewport.

The idea is the user click a point in the map and in someplace also input the meters to make a buffer of that point. Next i need to get a list of all the features of my 10 layers that are inside that buffer (ring).

How can I achieve this?


The short answer to this is to use a WFS call from OpenLayers to GeoServer. The full answer will probably require some experimentation to see what works best for your situation.

  1. Use OpenLayers to construct a Xm buffer around the point clicked and ask GeoServer for all features in each layer that are within or intersect that polygon.
  2. Ask GeoServer for all features in each layer that are within Xm of the point (DWithin), this requires that your data is in a projection measured in metres.
  3. Construct a WPS request to manage the buffering, reprojection and collecting of layers into a single answer.
  • First of all, thank you for your answer. I agree, i think is the best method, i'm doing some test in Openlayers to draw the buffer around the point clicked, in the next days im going to share my code, and i appreciate if you help me again, to complete all the steps. Regards... – Hassim Aug 2 '16 at 20:09

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