I am following Mike Bostock's D3 Lets make a map to create GeoJSON for states and provinces of a country. I got a shapefile for states and provinces from Natural Earth. I am trying to extract info for India with this command:

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where "ADM1_A3 IN ('IND')" subunits.json ne_10m_admin_1_states_provinces.shp

Here is the error:

GeoJSON driver failed to create subunits.json

Is there any ISO country code for Admin-1 level?

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    What precisely are you seeing when it's not working? – PolyGeo Jul 30 '16 at 20:33
  • "not working" isn't a description of the problem - if it worked, you wouldn't be here! Instead, say what you expected to happen, and what happened instead. We can't see the screen, you have to describe it to us exactly. – BradHards Jul 31 '16 at 2:28
  • sorry i updated the question :( – srinivas Jul 31 '16 at 3:59

I can use the same command for states and provinces too with AMD0 as:

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where "ADM0_A3 IN ('IND')" subunits.json ne_10m_admin_1_states_provinces.shp

and one more working solution is:

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where "gu_a3 = 'USA'" subunits.json ne_10m_admin_1_states_provinces.shp

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