I am trying to dissolve a shapefile using ogr2ogr but I am getting error no such function: ST_union:


C:\ms4w>ogr2ogr "C:\output\test-dissolved.sh p" "C:\input\test.shp" -dialect sqlite -sql "SELECT ST_union(geometry) FROM test "


ERROR 1: In ExecuteSQL(): sqlite3_prepare(SELECT ST_union(geometry) FROM test ): no such function: ST_union

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    Your GDAL version is is probably compiled without Spatialite. You can test it with ogrinfo -dialect sqlite -sql "select spatialite_version() from test" test.shp.
    – user30184
    Aug 1, 2016 at 11:33

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I should use GUnion instead of ST_Union, I tried it and it worked.

below is a list of all spatialite functions where it shows the ST & GEOS functions:


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