i have just installed visual studio 2008. and i want to add sharpmap or any other tool so that i can add shape file in .net.

I have selected sharpmap because by the search i have got that sharpmap is good tool and its opensorce.

i have downloaded the sharpmap from http://sharpmap.codeplex.com/ Now i want to add this sharpmap to my visual studio 2008 so that i can be able to add .shp file for my project.

Any one can guide me step by step for this?
any other good opensorce tool will be welcomed for the betterment of the project.


Sounds like you need to compile SharpMap, then add the proper references to your .NET project. From the docs:

In desktop applications add a reference to SharpMap.dll. For ASP.NET web-applications place SharpMap.dll in the /bin/ folder. Depending on the providers you intend to use, you may need to add a reference to SharpMap.Extensions.dll. If you want/need to reproject your data, you need to add ProjNet.dll as well.

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