Every now and then I'll have an MXD that suddenly begins to not only draw at agonisingly slow speeds, but also become sluggish in general. As a routine solution, I generally run MXD doctor, remove unnecessary layers, clear results, and remove layers one by one til I identify the problem.

However, I am wondering if there is a way to quickly return diagnostics that would identify problematic layers in the first instance. The in-built 'Analyze Map...' function has not generally been helpful in these cases. Is there a way to programmatically return the drawing time of each layer - or any other creative solutions to return helpful info?


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I think that you should try PerfQAnalyzer:

Ever wonder how long your Desktop application takes to render mapped features on a layer to layer basis? Or have you ever needed to know the time it takes to edit mapped features from a particular edit version?


The PerfQAnalyzer tool is a free, unsupported, downloadable tool offered to the Esri user community which can run as a stand-alone ArcGIS Engine application or as an ArcMap add-in.

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