I'm working on a buffer analysis and then intersection using turf.js. I have a buffered output layer to which I need to intersect another polygon layer and get the output. Below is my code,

        function calculateBuffer() {
            var fc1 = turf.featureCollection(fc1Layer.getLayers().map(function(f){
                    return f.toGeoJSON()

            var buffer = turf.buffer(fc1, 5, 'kilometers');
            buffer.properties = {
                "fill": "#6BC65F",
                "stroke": "#25561F",
                "stroke-width": 2
           //var bufferGeojson=bufferLayer.setGeoJSON(buffer);
    //polygon layer//
            var fc = turf.featureCollection(fcLayer.getLayers().map(function(f){
                    return f.toGeoJSON()
    //buffer layer//
             var buffer = turf.featureCollection(bufferLayer.getLayers().map(function(f){
                    return f.toGeoJSON()
            var polygon = turf.intersect(fc,buffer);
        polygon.properties = {
            "fill": "#25561F",
            "stroke": "#25561F",
            "stroke-width": 10

I'm getting the following error:turf.min.js:16 Uncaught TypeError: o.intersection is not a function. Could anyone help me on this?


I think turf.intersect() takes only single features with Polygon geometry as arguments.

You should separate your layers into individual Polygons and compute the intersection between your 2 sets of Polygons by iteration.

  • As you said I took two individual polygons and tried intersection as two different geojson file. but still it gives me the same error.
    – Bruce
    Aug 3 '16 at 11:26
  • Please would you be able to reproduce your issue on an online editing service, like Plunker, JSFiddle, JSBin, etc.?
    – ghybs
    Aug 3 '16 at 12:11

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