I know people have already asked this question before but the last time was about 4 years ago so I was wondering if something changed since. So, does anyone know how to perform kriging in qgis? and not via SAGA but actually in the program itself.

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    Why should the QGIS developers build a kriging plugin when you can do the same already with SAGA via processing? It will not perform better. plugins.qgis.org/plugins/SDA4PP was a try, but not maintained any further. – AndreJ Aug 3 '16 at 11:33

The great thing about QGIS is its modular design, based on which you can use the geoprocessing engines of various other systems directly as tools in QGIS (GRASS, SAGA, GDAL, OGR, ...). In order to do so, you need to activate the 'processing' extension. Then you can switch on the 'Geoprocessing Toolbox' via menu 'Processing' > 'Toolbox'. Searching for 'Kringing' herein gives you some tools, you can directly use in QGIS:

enter image description here

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