I followed this guide to install mapserver on ubuntu: https://goworldwind.org/mapserver-and-data-installation/ , and when I set the step 3: Mount the MapServer Configuration and Data, I did

sudo mount ip.address.of.nas:name.of.vbox.share /data

There was an error:

Failed to resolve server ip.address.of.nas: Name or service not known

I used the VMware Workstation, anyone know how to solve this problem?

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You have to replace "ip.address.of.nas" and "name.of.vbox.share" with the ip address of your nas and the name of your vbox share. You also need to have a NAS device with the data on it. "The data is available on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device available from the World Wind team. These instructions assume that you have that device." - says that page.

That page is not a guide for installing mapserver generally, its a guide for installing and setting up mapserver for the NASA worldWind data. If all you want to do is run mapserver, try the instructions from the main site:


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