I want to check (and potentially change) the default value for an attribute domain in a feature class. However, when I access the feature class properties pop up box and click the Subtypes tab, everything is "greyed out" and I am unable to scroll down to the Field Name I need in the Default Values and Domains box to check the default value. I am working with an enterprise geodatabase. Is this a permissions issue? Or should I be doing something differently?


It sounds to me as though there are a couple points of confusion...

The default value for a given field is set under the feature class properties, on the "Fields" tab, not Subtypes:

  • Select the field in the upper box
  • Look at the lower box which indicates what the Default Value is and also what geodatabase domain is associated with the field
  • If you cannot type anything in to the "Default Value" property box, then it's likely there is a schema lock preventing changes. Alleviate all locks and try it again.

Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding your issue. Let us know if this is it!

  • Thank you, Matt! You were right - I was definitely confused. Thanks again for helping me sort it out! – mmoore Aug 5 '16 at 16:32

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