how to split two lines of different shape files at their point of intersection in arcgis 9.x.the manual split is not giving a good split point as snapping is not that good in 9.3, even after tolerance.

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    Precisely how are you trying to perform these splits? At the moment I think you are providing too few details, especially since you are using a version that has not been in common use for nearly 10 years. – PolyGeo Aug 5 '16 at 6:34

There are two options:

A. Split Line at Point method

  1. Use the Analysis Tools > Overlay > Intersect tool to find the points where the lines intersect and generate a feature class of type Point. That is, the tool’s Output Type field is set to Point.

  2. Use the output points in Data Management Tools > Features > Split Line at Point tool to break apart the lines at the point locations (this tool requires an Advanced license).

B. Use QGIS Split Lines with Lines Tool (in case you don't have Advanced ArcGIS License)

Go to Processing -> QGIS Algorithms -> Vector Overlay Tools -> Split Lines with Lines. Then you need to define the input line shapefile and the intersect line shapefile.

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